Giant Letters- What Would You Do?

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I’m seeing numbers and letters all over other blogs, especially the really hip decorating blogs. Since letters and numbers are popular right now, I thought I’d feature this big letter that I found at a junk shop/ antique store recently. Of course, I couldn’t resist the urge to snap a picture of it since it was an M and my name is Michelle, although the people in my house think my name is Mom. 

Anyway, I didn’t buy it, because I didn’t have a clue what I’d do with it, but I knew the picture would be perfect for WWYD Wednesday. I believe it’s from some sort of big sign from a building but I doubt it lights up or anything anymore.

After I snapped the picture, I did find one picture in a Junk Market Style book that featured a letter like this as sort of a night stand next to a bed.They have a picture on their site of some similar big letters. 

I wasn’t able to find a photo of the design from the book on their site, but it’s in the book and the book is chock full of awesome trash to treasure decorating ideas. Fro on ly $8.98 on sale on Amazon, it’s a terrific deal! They didn’t really do anything to the letter, just stood it by the wall and put candles on the tops of the W. I bet my readers can come up with other ways to use a letter like this.

I’ll give you 350 characters and spaces to post your idea this week. And be sure to give yourself credit so we can all check out your blog too, even if your link has nothing to do with the specific idea!

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What Would You Do With This? #8

Update April 8, 2010
Congrats to “IowaGirl” for the most unique way of using the letters as a headboard! Way to think outside the box. 


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