From Junk to Art: Cabin Style

My husband works at a Bible camp and when it came time to give the rustic dining hall a facelift, I started hunting yard sales and thrift shops for something to hang on the walls. We painted the worn pressed-wood walls a neutral shade of beige and then the fun began!

I love turning junk into art, so shopping for everything was like a treasure hunt. A lot of the stuff I found right at camp too! The “office” sign was out in the shed in a pile of stuff. So was the green screen. I found the oars and wicker creel at a yard sale for $2. Yes, it’s an antique fishing creel, the kind that can sell for up to $75.100_4592 100_4597100_4598I found an antique popcorn maker (the kind for over a fire) at another yard sale as well as the fruit crate, welcome sign, and paddle. The pictures were old aerial views of the camp that I found in storage and framed.100_4594

I found more old signs in the shed and layered them with old fishing tackle. 100_4603 We had a stack of retro T-shirts that a former camper had donated. Some were from back when the camp opened in the 1970’s. So, I thought it would make a great conversation piece in the hall where people come in to the office. I found a picture frame for a couple dollars at a yard sale that was kind of like a shadow box. I used foam board and carefully pinned the T-shirts onto the board, hiding the pins as much as possible. 100_4600 100_4602I found this wall hanging at a yard sale. It’s a fake fishing pole with frames hanging from it, but this could easily be made from a real fishing pole with picture frames hanging from it. Something I’ll have to try in the future… 100_4596
One of these days, I’ll take pictures of more of the decorations and share. When it comes to decorating cabin style, trash to treasure makes it really easy!

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  1. Very cute and clever. I've noticed the wall arrangements when I've been at Arrowhead and thought they were nice. I especially like the picture frames hanging from the fishing pole. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  2. Oh my goodness! That is just SOO sweet!! Something like that would retail for a few hundred dollars and you did it Fabulously for oh so less!!! Thanks for the great pics of everything you did. :>

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