From Door to Desk

The Practical Side of T2T

Sometimes my trash to treasure (T2T) faves are artsy or inspirational, but sometimes they’re just plain practical. For me, it’s about being innovative when I need a solution.

I bought this hollow core door at a yard sale thinking that it was the perfect replacement for my beat-up bathroom door. However, my memory served me wrong on the size and when I got home, I was stuck with this oak door that was 2 inches too wide. So, I put it in storage in the basement with the other flea market mistakes.

One afternoon, as I worked at my desk, was frustrated that I had no surface space for spreading books or papers. Stuff kept falling off the sides of my cheap little 48″ by 23″‘ pressed board assembled-from-a-box desk. I dreamed of a nice big corporate sized desk until a glance at my bank account snapped me back to reality. “Make do”, it said to me. But I wasn’t willing to make do with the lack of space. Then I remembered the door in the basement.

I lugged it upstairs, cleared the clutter from my desktop, and laid the door on top of my existing desk. Suddenly, I had a 30 by 80 inch surface! Turns out it was worth the $10 I’d invested in it after all.

My “Door Desk”

Notice how I didn’t disguise the hinge spots. I think it adds charm!

The doorknob opening makes the perfect spot to run cords through at the back edge.

Once I had my door in place, I got even more inspired and rummaged through the basement for an old armoire cabinet door that I had save for no particular reason. I propped this door on two 3-drawer plastic office organizers (one on each end) and created a side desk for a place to put even more stuff. You can’t have enough office stuff, right?

Armoire door side desk

Now that I have my office set up like the way I like it, who needs a new desk? Now, what do you plan to do with an old door at your house?

I’m linking up today to Trash to Treasure Tuesday at Reinvented. Stop by and see the other projects.


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