Fresh Coffee From Burundi Africa

I just have to share the yumminess I’m enjoying this afternoon.
These coffee beans were roasted in Africa just a week ago. Amazing!
On Sunday, I received a bag of freshly roasted coffee that arrived on a plane from Africa just days before with Ben and Kristy from Long Miles Coffee Project. This couple is working to help the people of Burundi get a fair price for their coffee. They have sacrificed the things we take for granted her in America to show love to the people in Africa. While they are in the US, Ben and Kristy have to stock up on things they can’t get in Burundi. Things like chocolate, soap, toothpaste and hugs from family…things I get every day here. I’m moved every time I read more of their adventure in Africa and their heart for the people.
This is delicious coffee.
Getting a whiff of my favorite smell.
Ready for brewing in the espresso machine.
Waiting for it to cool down. I like my espresso iced.
I make my blended espresso with 60 calorie almond milk, shaved ice, and a shot of sugar free flavoring.
60 calories of delight.
Thanks Ben and Kristy for making my coffee extra special today!
Check out Long Miles Coffee Project for more about Ben and Kristy’s adventure in Africa.
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