Fresh Brewed Life – a Book Review

Is the daily grind getting you down? Nichole Johnson invites readers to wake up in Fresh-Brewed Life. This book is an updated version of the one she released ten years ago. Much has happened in Nicole’s life since her first book and she’s open and honest about her life. A popular Women of Faith speaker, she’s inspired many women.
In this book, Johnson covers an array of topics: friendships, relationships, beauty, sexuality, dreams, and more. Each topic is handled with a biblical perspective and there are discussion questions in the back for those who want to use the book as a small group study.
Chapters have attractive callout quotes throughout as well as activities called “fresh brewed adventures” for the reader to do. Example: Write a letter to God, confiding in Him your deepest longings. Each chapter also has a box with suggestions for “directed journaling”. Example: What is someone else doing that you wish you were doing?
One of the most effective chapters in Fresh-Brewed Life was the one on anger. Johnson is open about her own struggle and gets to the heart of why people get angry. The other chapter that I found significant was the one on changing your world. So many women are hindered by fear, overwhelmed by life, and unaware of their real passion. This book helps then reconnect with their dreams and let go of what holds them back.

At first I thought this would be a collections of devotions. It isn’t. It’s more of a workbook to help women do just what the title promises—to wake up their souls and live a richer, fuller, more flavorful life.
I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers for review purposes through their Book Sneeze program. 
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