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On last week’s What Would You Do, I promised that I would give you some watering can ideas. So while you’re thinking of your favorite post to link up to the Follow Friday blog hop, here’s some watering can inspiration. 
We’ll start with the more obvious use. I bought this old watering can at a yard sale and planted flowers in it. 
I also picked up this snowman painted watering can at a yard sale. It was already painted, but the paint is flaking a little, so I’ll eventually have to repaint.
And then there’s this unusual “watering can”. It’s really an old oil can, but I filled it with flowers and put it on the chair shelf that hangs by my front door. 
I’ll wrap up the watering can ideas with short DIY project. First, a little background…When I was younger, I had a cute teddy bear lamp. Do you remember the ones where the lamp went right through the back of the teddy bear? Eventually, the bear got really grubby, but there was nothing wrong with the lamp part. So I did a little surgery and cut the bear off the lamp (I know, you’re thankful I didn’t take pictures of the poor little bear being extracted from the pole). Here’s what I ended up with. 
I stored it away for someday use. I had a watering can planter stored away too and one day, inspiration struck. The opening in the planter was just big enough to fit the base of the lamp. 
Then I rummaged through my craft stash and slipped a mini wreath over the top.
I added a pillar candle ring…
…and topped it off with a simple shade. You could add a much prettier shade if you were creative.
If you don’t have a watering can planter, or an old teddy bear lamp you can take apart, you can always make your own watering can lamp in the same way I made my lantern lamp by using a clamp-on lamp kit.
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  1. I love finding old water cans! I always spray paint them and throw them in the garden somewhere! Great ideas! I'm linked up to your blog hop – but your button wasn't showing up right on my blog for some reason – it was blank. But, I did put the link there!

    Have a great weekend!

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