Finding Your Way as a Blog Reader

I’ve been thinking about some things that I take for granted. One is how to click my way through a blog page or website. It’s something that is as comfortable for me as switching on a light or opening the fridge to get a glass of milk. But for some, this foreign world of cyberspace is overwhelming. So today, I decided to give a little tutorial on how to leave comments on a blog. Many use this same process, but some might have a few different steps. Here’s a step by step for you to print and save near your computer if needed.

  1. Click on the word “comments” below a post. Sometimes it says “0 Comments” or it will say “2 Comments”. Then a box opens for typing your comments. Go ahead and type away!
  2. The next step is identifying your post as yours. You can post as anonymous, but many bloggers have drawings and contests, so you’ll want some name that identifies you. It doesn’t have to be your full name if you don’t want to share it. In Blogger, there is a drop-down menu by the words “Comment as:” and a box that says “select profile”. The menu gives options if you already have an account with Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, etc. But you’ll notice another option: “Name/URL.” Selecting this will give you a box to simply type your name, no account needed! For example, I might type Michelle R, or M Rayburn, or Michelle Rayburn in the box. You may leave the URL box blank if you don’t have a website. Then click “continue”.
  3. Now, when you click “Preview” you’ll see how your comments will look. It might look like this: “Michelle R. said…” followed by your comments. Good! You’re almost there.
  4. Lastly, you need to type the word verification in the box before you click to post or publish your comment. What’s this box for? The word verification is to prove that an actual person is sitting at a keyboard typing as opposed to a computer hacking into a system and leaving random comments. It’s a security measure.
  5. Now click “Publish”.
  6. There! You did it! It seems like a lot of steps but once you do it a few times, it will be easy for you.
  7. In some cases, your comment doesn’t show up immediately. Sometimes the blog owner moderates all comments which means he or she has to approve them before they post. That’s another security measure for some bloggers.

Now that you know how to post, why not comment on something right here on FaithCreativityLife. You’ll be entered in the drawing this month if you do. It’s the only way to get your name in there for a free book.

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  1. There are times when blogging can be tough and it feels like we have just run out of ideas for our blog posts or as a freelancer and we sometimes think that there is nothing to write about.

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