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I love crafting. It’s one of my dots! And since God has given me a creative impulse, I also enjoy sharing inspiration and ideas with others. I’ve been working on homemade Christmas gifts all weekend but I’m not telling what I made, just in case the recipients happen to be readers. As we approach Christmas and we think about what is most important to us, I think of the people in my family. And as I think of the people in my family, I think of photos and memories captured on film. I take a lot of pictures!
One of the most precious gifts we can give to someone else is a photo that brings hearts together across the miles. So today, as I break from my usual blogs and book reviews, here are some photo gift ideas that I found on the web and wanted to share with you. Maybe you’ll bless someone dear to you with a photo gift this season.
Christmas Gift Ideas that Touch the Heart
Photo Block Puzzle

At, these photo blocks caught my eye. Your photo size will depend on your block size and you can vary it by having just 4 blocks too. Just remember, you’ll need photos for 6 sides! It’s easy to print them on a laser printer and decoupage them onto the blocks. Or if you use an inkjet printer, be a little more careful with your gluing.

Photo by

Using a trimmer or paper cutter, cut, your photo into squares and glue it on. Then flip the blocks to a blank side and do the same with another photo. Keep going until all sides are covered. You’ve now created an easy photo puzzle!

Photo Booklet
This photo booklet from Family Fun Magazine is easy to create and has printable instructions for you.

  Photo from Family Fun Magazine

Baby Mobile

A baby mobile made from recycled used Cd’s and colorful paper with family photos at Parents Magazine’s site.

Photo from Parent’s Magazine website.
Unique Photo Blocks and Books and Clocks
Better Homes and Gardens offers these unique scraps of wall molding that have been turned into photo displays.
From Better Homes and Gardens
They’ve also recycled old books into a photo display.
Photo from Better Homes and Gardens
And finally, this photo clock from Better Homes. It’s easy to pop the front off most low-cost clocks. Just  carefully take the hands off the clock setting them aside in the order you removed them. Then remove the paper insert for a template. If it isn’t removable, trace the clock to get the closest fit possible. lightly tack the photo in place and replace the clock hands. So easy!
Photo from Better Homes and Gardens
What photo gift ideas can you share? Post a link to the site in the comments below. With these ideas, you’ll be giving homemade personalized gifts this season with little effort.
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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I enjoy making gifts with photos. I appreciate that you included the links.We've done the photo blocks before. I love how it turns out. God bless.

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