We moved 5 1/2 months ago and I realized that my moving excuse pass has run out.

  • Can’t update my blog.
      • “I just moved and I’m way behind.”
  • Forgot your birthday?
      • I recently moved and I’m not organized yet.
  • Remembered your birthday, but can’t find the gift bags?
      • “I moved. They are in a box somewhere. Will a brown bag work?”
  • No time for a social life.
      • “I’m unpacking boxes and I’m too busy looking for the gift bags.”
  • My house is a mess.
      • “I’m still settling in.”

Sometimes we just move from one excuse to another. I have a new one. For each of the above problems, my new excuse is that I’m a student. Wait. That won’t work.

I have realized that although I think I will have all this time when I graduate, I will just find a new excuse. I’m going to have to learn to live in the reality that I’m busy, I’m behind, and it isn’t getting any better anytime soon. Enough excuses. It’s time to start living in reality.

That long to-do list isn’t going anywhere. The heap of laundry in the basement reappears every day. So does its cousin, the dishes. There are bills to pay, basketball games to attend, and friends to visit. So, goodbye excuses, and hello responsibility.

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