Everyday Living-Indoor Kid Fun

It’s been hot where I live, and it’s unbearably humid. The heat and humidity also contribute to conditions that make the weather unpredictable and a thunder storm can move in at any time. This also means it has been a summer of moms desperate for some way to occupy their kids without spending tons of cash. Most days, it’s been too hot to be outside, or too rainy to tolerate.

If you don’t live anywhere near a pool or a lake and you have children or grandchildren who have whined, “I’m bored,” in the last few days, here is some help for you. On the Momsense web page (part of Christianity Today) Melanie Clark gives ten ideas for indoor fun that might be a great activity for you to try. But a word of caution, some of them are very messy, so neat freaks, please prepare accordingly.

Click here to read Melanie’s article “10 Ideas for Indoor Fun.”

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