Easy Office Storage – Transformation Tuesday

Today’s transformation isn’t much of a transformation, but I want to show you anyway. Last week, I showed you my closet door improvised desk. This week, I got to thinking how cluttered my desk is, despite my organizing. I wanted to do something about all the little stuff on top.
See what I mean?
I remembered that I had these plastic drawer bins from another project that didn’t work out quite they way I had hoped. So, I decided to see if I could attach them somehow under the desk.
 By the way, these have decorative scrapbook paper in the fronts so that they look pretty. Plus, I had already spray painted them with plastic spray paint for the other project. They came in white when I bought them.
I removed the plastic drawers and screwed the plastic to the underside of my desk. I recommend using a screw and a washer to make the plastic hold up under pressure (the washer absorbs some strain on the screw).
 I put a couple of screws in each.
And then I filled it with my clutter.
Better! Um, except for the trash can that is so prominent in the picture. Sorry. Guess that’s keepin’ it real. Thank goodness I didn’t zoom enough for you to see the dust bunnies!

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  1. Love how you attached the drawers. That's genius and so much of a space saver too! Not to worry about the dust bunnies…LOL..I've come to know and love mine and even named a few of them. 😉

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