Duct Tape- It’s All the Rage

It used to be that only if you were a MacGyver type did you ever rage about the benefits of duct tape. I’m married to a guy who thinks you can fix anything with duct tape. He’d probably tape the front bumper on the van if I didn’t complain about it being hideous. But when it comes to duct tape, I bet he never dreamed that Mrs. MacGyver was out there making purses and jewelry with the stuff!

Several of my friends are just caught up in the duct tape obsession. I love how it looks…just haven’t had the creative energy to start a new hobby. If you’d like to see what what you can have with duct tape, check out the post from Living Locurto about all the stuff you can make from it.
Photo from Living Locurto
You’ll also find great step by step instructions on a very helpful post by Tip Junkie. And if you’re more of a video learner, Duck Tape brand duct tape has a tutorial on You Tube.
Photo from Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/tattfae
I’m thinking maybe I could start with the bracelet…
Oh, and one more thing. Those of us who have a terrible time restraining our inner grammar and spelling police will appreciate knowing that it is acceptable to call it Duck tape or duct tape. Duck is a brand of duct tape. I speculated that they gave up on getting people to say it right and just caved to the masses when they named their company. But then I found another story about the name, and boy, was I wrong! Check out the explanation if you’re a trivia buff. Turns out, it started as duck tape before it became duct tape!
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