“Daniel’s Den” Book Review

Michelle’s Review of “Daniel’s Den”: With today’s economy, it isn’t difficult to imagine an investment scheme complete with government involvement. And it isn’t hard to envision the desperation of a criminal who wants to cover his tracks. In “Daniel’s Den” author Brandt Dodson had the foresight to craft a plot that seems more like non-fiction in light of everything happening recently in the news. Successful stock analyst Daniel Borden’s career is on an upward track until a co-worker’s crime snags him in a web of deception. Ironically, proving his innocence is going to mean running.

The book begins with two separate stories, that of Daniel Borden, and that of bed and breakfast operator Laura Traynor. Dodson does an excellent job of keeping the reader in suspense for a good amount of time until the two cross paths. It’s a well-crafted mystery with just the right amount of thrill. Readers should be cautioned that it isn’t exactly a cozy mystery–it has it’s share of dead bodies. Yet, it’s tastefully done without gore and bloody violence.

Want to know more about the author?
Here’s a word from the publicist. “Brandt Dodson comes from a long line of police officers, spanning several generations, and was employed by the FBI before leaving to pursue his education at Indiana Central University (now the University of Indianapolis). A former United States Naval Reserve officer, Dodson is a board Certified Podiatrist. It was during a creative writing coarse in college that a professor said, ‘You’re a good writer. With a little effort and work, you could be a very good writer.’ Dodson has published five novels, currently resides in southwestern Indiana with his wife and two sons, and is at work on his next book. Learn more at www.brandtdodson.com.”

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