Could You Pack Up and Move to Africa? For Coffee?

When you sip your morning java, do  you ever wonder where the beans for that coffee came from? Do you ever wonder about the farmer? I didn’t think much about it when I’d make my espresso and blend it up with some milk and ice…that is I didn’t until I met someone who does care about the farmer. And he made me think differently about it.

Ben Carlson, a native of my little Wisconsin neighborhood has a passion for helping those farmers get paid what they deserve for their coffee beans. And he’s in Africa helping those farmers. But such a passion comes with a price.

As a wife, I cannot imagine what it might be like if my husband’s passion took us to the heart of Africa. To a place where the people don’t speak my language, and where I’d fall asleep and wake up to gunfire, not peepers and crickets. I cannot fathom raising small children away from grandparents, cousins and friends. But this family is doing it.

I want you to see this stirring (pun not intended) video of Ben and his family. It moved me.

After watching that, I’m ashamed of my petty complaints about my minor discomforts and woes. I’m grateful for the safety of my rural neighborhood and the availability of doctors and clinics. And I’m saddened by the way farmers have been underpaid in Africa for a product that supplies our luxury in lattes and fancy brews.

Kristy and Ben blog about their life in Africa at Long Miles Coffee Project. I encourage you to check out their blog and Kristy’s amazing photos and heartwarming posts. And remember, when you sip your next cup of coffee, to pray for Ben and Kristy and others who have given up their own comfort to help oppressed people in places like Burundi. Pray that their faith will remain strong and their hearts will be full of hope as they cope with the daily stresses of such a life.

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  1. Michelle, wow, what an amazing family. I love the video and their blog – the pictures are phenomenal. I would move to Africa in a heartbeat if I could. Just have to wait for the call from God and the ok from my husband.

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