I suppose that with every good change comes a little sorrow. In just sixteen days I will be moved. New town, new house, new friends, new church. This morning I was chatting on the phone and looking out the window and there was this family of geese wandering around in the front yard. Momma and Papa and their fuzzy yellow trail of youngsters. I was sad to think that this would be the last spring where I could see little geese so close to my house. In sixteen days there will be a main county highway running through my front yard.

It made me realize that with every exciting change comes a little pang of sorrow for what is left behind. No matter how wonderful the new life, the wonderful parts of the old life give a brief reason to mourn. I have truly loved life here for the past eleven years. Ok, maybe not the pitted and potholed gravel road…and not the five-mile drive to the mailbox either…Nor the 20-mile drive to town…or the black clouds of bugs in summer…

Now that I think about it, this life had its drawbacks too. But I chose to focus on the good parts for the past eleven years and not the bad. And that’s what I will do with my new life as well. I will focus on the nice big house that we fixed up, and the mailbox right out front! And short distance to town…and Phil’s wonderful new job in camp ministry.

Despite our lack of furniture here except for a couple of lawn chairs, some mattresses on the floor, and a folding table, it still doesn’t seem quite real that I’m not going to live here anymore. I have actually lived here longer than any home in my entire life, including childhood.

Change. It’s here, and I’m ready to discover the wonder of new beginnings.

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