Celebrate the Little Things – It Brings Great Happiness

Sometimes, little things make me immensely happy. The other day, when I was freezing corn from the garden, I started cutting the kernels off the cobs with a big knife, but then I remembered a tool I had found at a yard sale earlier in the summer.

I found a corn cob cutter slicer stripper knife (yah, I know it has a crazy long name) for 25 cents at a garage sale. This was the best 25 cents I’ve ever spent. within 15 minutes, I had a big pail of blanched corn off the cob. The cutter is designed to stand on the work surface and the operator cuts from top to bottom on the cob. But I found it was just as useful to hold the cutter in one hand and the cob in the other and sort of twist and wiggle it through the cutter.
I was so happy that I had to summon my friend who is staying with us from her room so she could come to the kitchen and see my glee. At the moment, I may or may not have been somewhat delirious from sleep deprivation (this was the evening of a very long day). However, she let me do my happy dance and saved judgment of my sanity for her own thoughts.
Have you have had a moment like that where a little practical thing or a great bargain just made your day? Celebrate the little things! If you overlook even a small celebration, you might overlook a moment of happiness in the middle of life’s craziness.
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