Boys Will Always Find Mischief

My boys have subtle ways of making life interesting. Some time ago, they teamed up (always a recipe for trouble) and they decided to redecorate a little. They thought our family pictures displayed on the wall in the hallway lacked something, so they added a photo of their own.
Funny thing is, I didn’t discover it until I was giving a guest a tour of our house. As we passed the family pictures in the hall, I did a double take.
This is how the display looks. But, what caught my eye was the little picture above the family group picture. I hadn’t seen it before.
Turns out, they cropped my husband and me from another family picture, then used some sort of doodling program on the computer to edit the picture and give us more creative features than we normally have. They printed it out and borrowed one of my other frames (who knows who they covered up) and hung it up. 
When they were little, they got into the cookie jar, or scribbled crayon on the walls. They snuck out of their rooms during naps. As teens, the mischief broadens with the availability of technology.
Guess what? I left the picture there in the grouping. It says so much more about our family than the formal pictures do. It paints a vivid picture of life with my funny boys. My funny and very naughty boys.
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