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Book Review: Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today

Have you ever wondered if there was a manual straight from scripture for moms of today? In “Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today,” Kathi Macias has given the reader a lead-by-example style manual with profiles of seventeen women who lived with some of the same struggles that women face today. It doesn’t matter that most of them lived over two thousand years ago. The lessons they teach us are still relevant today. Macias has selected some of the greats from Bible history such as Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, and Mary. But she has also chosen some the reader […]

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Musing About Inspiration

Muse (meeyooz) n. 1. Greek Mythology Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science. 2. musea. A source of inspiration. This week, I couldn’t find my muse. Figuring she may be under something on my cluttered desk, I decided to have an office organizing day. I tossed stacks of saved papers into the recycling bin and worked through a couple of piles of tasks that needed tending. I filed a heap of important notes and clipped articles and I even dared to tackle the junk basket of odds and […]

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