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Life Rhythms and No-Guilt Spiritual Habits | Gwen Jackson

If you think you’re somehow broken because you don’t do spiritual growth habits the way everybody says you should, then you’ll enjoy this interview with Gwen Jackson, who explains three types of habits: daily rhythms, weekly-monthly, and seasonal.

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Keeping Hope Alive Devotional

Michelle’s story is featured in this book: Keeping Hope Alive Devotional: Devotions for Strength in the Storm Life changes in a nanosecond when storms sweep in, often without warning. They leave our knuckles white and our hearts broken. With minds barely able to think clearly, we often set our Bible aside. In reality, that’s when we need its comfort and strength most. This devotional is written for those in crisis, for those longing for hope but lacking the ability to focus on a lengthy Scripture passage. These minute-sized devotions offer respite to readers caught in the storms of life. Each […]

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