Book Review – Rhythms of Renewal

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Book Review: Rhythms of Renewal
Author, Letitia Suk

Review by Michelle Rayburn

Have you ever felt like you could use a makeover? Not a beauty makeover, but a life makeover—an inside out radical change? In Rhythms of Renewal, author Leditia Suk offers a plan for renewing and an opportunity to make lasting changes in your life. She focuses on cleaning out soul clutter and repentance, finding a peaceful place of restoration, establishing a plan for reflecting on life goals and dreaming about the future, as well as creating rituals that increase life enjoyment. Suk also offers tips for reordering the home in ways that inspire and she teaches the reader how to rest and enjoy recreation.

Suk’s ideas aren’t random. She draws from personal experience as well as from the input of seven women in different seasons of life. At the end of each chapter, a section titled “The Small Group Speaks” offers a glimpse into the lives of these women and provides a can-do motivation for the reader. The author has put this book together thoughtfully, allowing the reader to respond with questions for reflection at the end of each chapter as well as a “Rituals of Renewal” section that prompts an action from the reader in journaling, prayer, and other suggested actions for applying the material to life.

Rhythms of Renewal would be just another self-help book were it not for the thread that sews all of the areas of focus together. Suk has woven each idea with a spiritual thread that provides the framework for change and renewal. Through scripture inspiration, glimpses into the character of God, and rock solid lessons on repentance and spiritual restoration, the reader clearly sees that without restoration within the soul, there is no renewal at all.

With fewer than 100 pages, even busy women will be able to fit reading this book into their schedules and get on their way towards discovering how to slow down and renew. In addition to writing many articles, the author is a personal life coach helping women find balance in every season of life, as well as a retreat speaker and a part-time chaplain at a local hospital.

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  1. Thanks, Michelle! I have had so much fun with this book which first started a number of years ago as a small group of eight to explore the concepts. It then moved into retreat format then finally to the book with a whole different group of women contributing.

  2. Michell,
    I can't believe a woman w/ so much talent, faith,and creativity has been right in my backyard!
    I just responded to your Freecycle post. Then stumbled on your Trash to Treasure site the same day. A coincidence? I think not-it's a God thing!

    Seems we know mutual local folk, I have LOTS of "junque", am also a Journalism grad.

    LOVE to read Christian authors, and this book sounds like just what I need right now.

    SO PLEASED to have found your web pages!
    Thanks for sharing your gifts.

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