Book Review of Unleash the Writer Within

While there may be many books on the market about writing, few address the voice of the writer. This book is a tool for any writer wanting to discover more about himself or herself. It’s a look at why you write more than at what you write.
What does your writing tell the reader about you? What motivates you to write? What is your “voice”? In Unleash the Writer Within, Cecil Murphey helps the reader, who is most likely also a writer, discover the inner writer. Murphey isn’t afraid to put on paper what most people won’t admit aloud. He’s willing to admit that part of the motivation to write is his own conceit in thinking he has something to say that someone else is willing to read.
In this book, he also addresses silencing the inner critic, getting over fear, discovering your dreams, writing your passion, and much more. At 148 pages, it isn’t terribly long and Murphey’s conversational style engages readers. Just be sure to read it with pen in hand, ready to underline the parts that really speak to you. My copy is full of writing and notes. 
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