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“They Popped My Hood and Found Gravy on the Dipstick”

In January, Fox News Radio reporter Todd Starnes released his debut book, a personal story of his journey from 300 pounds to 150. But the book is more than a story about weight loss. Starnes begins with the day – at 37 years of age – when he learned of his near-fatal heart valve problem. He walks the reader through his journey from heart surgery to running his first marathon, but the book is less about his physical process and more about his learning process. Readers will enjoy his humorous takes on his experience and they will be inspired by his faith journey as he learns to trust God with difficult circumstances.

Starnes writes, “You know, there are some folks that just need a nudge from the Lord. Others need to be poked and prodded into following His call. And then, there are believers like me – who require a bit more severe persuasion – like ripping open your chest and whacking your heart.”

There are 31 chapters in the book, but only 208 pages. The short chapters are perfect for the reader who has only a few minutes here and there. With chapter titles such as “There’s a Draft in this Gown!” “Pig or Plastic,” and “I Have Ugly Feet,” readers are sure to laugh out loud as Starnes packs a punchline into his personal story. Other chapters leave readers with a deep sense of empathy and a feeling that the author has been there and knows their own struggles well. This isn’t just a memoir. The author challenges the reader to think about his or her own circumstances and go deeper in faith. It’s packed with opportunities to laugh and find hope – something we could use more of these days.

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