Book Feature: When the Morning Glory Blooms

When can a mother’s nightmare also be her greatest blessing? When her teenage daughter gives birth to her first grandchild and continues being a teenager. In Cynthia Ruchti’s book, When the Morning Glory Blooms, readers walk through the journey of mom ‘Becky’ as she parents both her daughter Lauren and her grandson. It’s a heart-tugging story that draws the reader in, wondering, would I be as gracious as Becky? But that isn’t the only story in the book. Woven throughout the book are the stories of two other women, Anna, and Ivy. The stories take the reader through three different eras with the women, with an underlying thread that ties them all together.

That thread is what makes this book special. Each woman is affected in some way but premature motherhood. By this I mean mothers who are young, single, and striving to figure out what to do.
Ruchti artfully weaves a theme into the book without preaching at readers or bashing unwed mothers. Instead, she draws the reader in to explore the subject in a way that leaves them wondering what they would do in similar circumstances. Gone is the judging, replaced by a climate of grace that only comes from a writer who has lived it and understood the complexity of loving a young person through the process of stumbling and getting back up again.

A great read. I loved the blend of historical and contemporary. 

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