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To Goal or Not to Goal

Are goals really important? What if I prefer to wing it? If you’re a perfectionist, you may or may not love to set goals, or maybe the process seems too overwhelming for you. This issue will help you look at goals in a different way, inspire you with practical ways to make your intentions memorable and visual, and two books that can give you lots of helpful insight as you get started. Here’s wishing you a fantastic new year!  

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When Better Homes and Gardens Becomes Better Homes and Varmints

Six Christmas personalities: find out which one fits you best. Discover how Christmas perfection took an unexpected turn when a little critter came to visit. Plus, get Michelle’s reading recommendation for Christmas and the New Year.  

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Perfectionism, Paint and Peace

Learn how perfectionism might be what’s frustrating you in your journey toward weight loss and wellness. Embrace the imperfection of a good shabby chic paint makeover and get a DIY recipe for chalk paint for your next project, big or small. Learn more about a book that helps with taming your inner critic.

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