The Life, Repurposed podcast offers practical real-life tips to inspire you to repurpose your own struggles or challenges into growth opportunities, stories about repurposed life, and fun before-and-after ideas. In the show notes you can find summaries of each episode,  quotes from my guests, recommended resources, and links to find resources and interact with the guest on the web.





Perfectionism, Paint and Peace

Learn how perfectionism might be what’s frustrating you in your journey toward weight loss and wellness. Embrace the imperfection of a good shabby chic paint makeover and get a DIY recipe for chalk paint for your next project, big or small. Learn more about a book that helps with taming your inner critic.

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Simplify, Toss Out, Refurbish and Move Forward

Take the challenge to purge something from your closet, schedule, or cupboards and enjoy the freedom of simplifying! See how a little paint can transform a plywood built-in cabinet into something classy. And learn more about how a new book is helping people heal from grief. Whether your next project is simplifying and tossing, re-doing something that needs a makeover, or moving forward from grief, we’d love to hear your story!

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Importance of Making Time for Me, Guilt-Free

In this issue: Learn why repurposing is just a way of appreciating the story in broken things, be inspired to make self-care a regular part of your life with no guilt, and learn more about a new book that’s coming out that helps you discover God in the midst of everyday life. This post marks the beginning of a new format for my blog! The new magazine-style format will include three elements in each issue: 1) a practical real-life article to inspire you to repurpose your own struggles or challenges into growth opportunities, 2) a fun repurposed or before-and-after idea, […]

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