The Life, Repurposed podcast offers practical real-life tips to inspire you to repurpose your own struggles or challenges into growth opportunities, stories about repurposed life, and fun before-and-after ideas. In the show notes you can find summaries of each episode,  quotes from my guests, recommended resources, and links to find resources and interact with the guest on the web.





Behind the Scenes Look at How I Did with My Goals from Last Year

I talk a big game and give advice about setting goals and achieving your dreams. So how did I do with my own? In this episode, I share my intentions from last year and how I did with accomplishing them. Spoiler alert – I didn’t get them all done! Let’s continue the January series on goals and plans.

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Launching into New Goals and a New Year

Let’s talk about how you did with the goals you set in 2019. If there are some that you didn’t achieve, what got in the way? In this episode, we reivew some of the ways we sometimes need to adapt in order to deal with real life and to let go of some of our aspirations without guilt.

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You Are a Precious Jewel

Life isn’t easy. There are days when it would be nice to have someone tuck us in, read us a bedtime story, and assure us about happily ever after. This story is for you. A word of hope to let you know you matter. Inspired Life: A Parable About Treasure Life, Repurposed: A Word of Hope Recommended Resource  This blogzine content is on the podcast on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Play, Spotify, and on YouTube as well!

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A Simpler Life for Weary Parents

Sleep deprivation, the endless laundry mountain, crazy to-do lists and diapers and dishes made young mother Courtney Ellis wonder what it would look like to be closer to Jesus and enjoy spiritual practices of prayer, studying Scripture, and more. In our interview, she talks with Michelle about how she met Jesus in the everyday stuff of life.

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