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Relation-Tips Part 2: One of the Most Difficult Phrases to Say

How we handle ourselves when we’re wrong says a lot more about us than being wrong about something does. If we handle it with maturity and grace, that shows humility. But if we get defensive and argumentative, it shows emotional immaturity.

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Relation-Tips Part 1: 4 Little Words to Never Say

There is a lot of stuff going on in our world right now. This means a lot of opportunities to argue, for people to follow their gut and then make a mistake, for not being prepared enough for financial stress, and for choices that could lead to consequences. In relationships, it’s often tempting to say, “I told you so” when someone else messes up. But what if we flipped the script to 4 other little words? I still love you. Whether it’s related to a pandemic, an election, a cause, or a disagreement, we have the opportunity to love. And that’s […]

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Nothing Is Wasted: Trash Repurposed for Good

I’d rather laugh about what I can’t change instead of grumbling about it. I’ll aim to embrace hard times as an opportunity for God’s power to shine, even if that isn’t my first reaction. This week I talk about one man in the Bible who understood God’s ability to repurpose circumstances in a mind-blowing way.

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Empty Nest, Full Life: An Interview with Author Jill Savage

This week, I talk with Jill Savage, where we discuss how to prepare for and experience joy in the empty nest phase of life. Learn what to let go of and then what we need to grab hold of as we transition from raising children to releasing them from the nest.  

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