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Taming the To-Do List Monster

Small Accomplishments Have you ever noticed that as your to-do list continues to grow it becomes as overwhelming as moving a mountain of pea gravel with a spoon? Mine does. But, how many of those things could have been accomplished in not much more time than it took to add it to your list. My to-do list is on my computer, so it means going to my office, turning on the computer, clicking on the sticky notes program, adding another bulleted line for the item and typing the name of my feat to accomplish. Then there is the time wasted […]

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We moved 5 1/2 months ago and I realized that my moving excuse pass has run out. Can’t update my blog. “I just moved and I’m way behind.” Forgot your birthday? I recently moved and I’m not organized yet. Remembered your birthday, but can’t find the gift bags? “I moved. They are in a box somewhere. Will a brown bag work?” No time for a social life. “I’m unpacking boxes and I’m too busy looking for the gift bags.” My house is a mess. “I’m still settling in.” Sometimes we just move from one excuse to another. I have a […]

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I suppose that with every good change comes a little sorrow. In just sixteen days I will be moved. New town, new house, new friends, new church. This morning I was chatting on the phone and looking out the window and there was this family of geese wandering around in the front yard. Momma and Papa and their fuzzy yellow trail of youngsters. I was sad to think that this would be the last spring where I could see little geese so close to my house. In sixteen days there will be a main county highway running through my front […]

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Persistence, the Opposite of Procrastination

Could it be almost a month since I posted last? It’s been pretty hard to keep up– with moving coming soon, a big paper for school due, trips up north to work on the house, and all of the usual activities added in. In being back in school and having imposed deadlines for work to be submitted, I’m learning to let go of my habit of procrastination. Oh, I have my share of that habit still, but I’m better than before. I have realized the joy of persisting and meeting deadlines ahead of time. There is something satisfying about turning […]

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