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Getting Back in the Groove

It’s time to get back into my blogging mode after taking a little break for the past two months. After a heavy speaking schedule, I needed to experience a little summer I guess. I’m back in the book reviewing mode and book-giveaway mode again this fall, so pass the word around to your friends and send them a link to the Faith Creativity Life blog. When I give away books, I’ll be drawing from names of those who have left comments on the blog, so be sure to leave a comment, a question, or opinion on the blog to be […]

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A SWEET AROMA Yesterday, the farmer who owns the field across from my house mowed his hay. As I sat at my desk, the smell of fresh mowed hay wafted into my office from the open window, and immediately childhood memories flashed into my mind. Growing up on a farm, I recall many summers of making hay and drifting off to sleep in crisp line-dried sheets with the smell of fresh hay carried on the damp nighttime breeze. I opened the window wide last night so I could fall asleep reliving memories from more than two decades ago. Drinking in […]

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Recalulating, Recalculating

I have a new traveling companion. Her name is Gertie. Gertie Garmin. Gertie sits on my dash and tells me when to turn right or left and when to turn around. Only she doesn’t say, “turn around.” Whenever I make a wrong turn, she says, “Recalculating…Recalculating,” and then she begins directing me back to the route I should have taken. Isn’t life a little like navigating with a GPS? We don’t always know which way we’re supposed to go, because reality isn’t quite as simple as the written directions. Or maybe we know what we ought to do, but we […]

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Marching Around Jericho

I’ve spent the past 2 days at a hotel working on some writing while my son attends a conference. Around midday today, I felt the need for some exercise, so I put on my walking shoes and headed outside for a break. Since I’m alone in a large city, I was hesitant to walk just anywhere. I’m in a mostly residential neighborhood, so I know my fears aren’t rational, but I have this crazy paranoia of being alone in a city. Perhaps it’s the nightly news that’s corrupted my rationality. Perhaps it’s that I’ve lived in a rural area for […]

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