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From Door to Desk

The Practical Side of T2T Sometimes my trash to treasure (T2T) faves are artsy or inspirational, but sometimes they’re just plain practical. For me, it’s about being innovative when I need a solution. I bought this hollow core door at a yard sale thinking that it was the perfect replacement for my beat-up bathroom door. However, my memory served me wrong on the size and when I got home, I was stuck with this oak door that was 2 inches too wide. So, I put it in storage in the basement with the other flea market mistakes. One afternoon, as […]

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A Not So Cheesy Luminary

Here’s a “Grate” Idea for You! What do you do with a rusty old cheese grater? Make a luminary. If you’ve seen the rusty kitchen utensils at flea markets and yard sales, you’ve probably also wondered what to do with them. Many are too rusty for food grade use. I purchased my rusty cheese grater at a tag sale and the lady at the checkout stand asked what I planned to do with it. I said I planned to put a candle inside and make it a luminary for my kitchen counter. She laughed and offered to refund my quarter […]

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Follow Friday Link Party

Trash to Treasure Follow Friday Link Party Which sites do you follow? My website is still brand new, so I’m still adding features. I’m adding a Follow Friday feature. Hey if Twitter can do a follow Friday, why not try it here? What is Follow Friday? It’s where you share your favorite trash to treasure blogs and posts from the week. Use MckLinky below to upload your link to your blog, your favorite blog, or a post that my readers just have to see. All I ask in return is that you add a link to my site somewhere on […]

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Book Review – The Y Factor

Liam Roberts – New Author With Promise A few weeks ago, I received an offer to review a debut novel from an unknown author. This was the teaser I received: Medical AND political thriller? You bet! Liam Roberts is a debut novelist with characters who are bent on unraveling the genetic code…and applying it to the simmering situation between Christians and Muslims. When your sons are engaged in the very real war in the Middle East and they tell you to keep a low profile, slapping your true name on the cover of a novel about Middle Eastern tensions isn’t […]

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