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Book Review – Rhythms of Renewal

This week, I’ll be reviewing several books that I’ve recently read as well as introducing you to several authors. Remember that you have just 2 more days to comment on a September blog entry to have your name entered into the monthly drawing. Book Review: Rhythms of RenewalAuthor, Letitia Suk Review by Michelle Rayburn Have you ever felt like you could use a makeover? Not a beauty makeover, but a life makeover—an inside out radical change? In Rhythms of Renewal, author Leditia Suk offers a plan for renewing and an opportunity to make lasting changes in your life. She focuses […]

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Recycling Windows into Art Displays

I bought this old window at a yard sale and then created quilt panels to fit behind the panes. The quilt panels are just fronts with no quilt batting or hand quilting, so for the quilter, it’s an easy project! And if your quilt panel isn’t quite the right size, just add a border until it is the right size to fill the frame. To attach the quilt panels to the window, I used a sturdy tape, but you could use a staple gun, tacky glue, or hot glue, depending on how permanent you want it to be. To finish […]

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An Old Chair Turned Shelf

Do you have chairs that aren’t fit for sitting on anymore? Why not remove the legs and cut the seat down and make it a shelf. The picture below is one used for outdoor decoration and I sprayed it with crackle paint, then I embellished with recycled junk. And indoor chair has many possibilities too! I hung my chair by drilling straight through with a big wood screw. Shh…don’t tell my hubby it’s straight through the siding too. You could hang yours with a picture bracket, but beware in high wind if you hang it outside. It could blow off […]

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New Trash to Treasure Web Page

Just Launched – I’ve started a new website dedicated to trash to treasure decorating. Each week, I’ll feature decorating ideas and pictures and sometimes I’ll post links to resources on the web. I’m also looking for reader ideas. See the site for how to submit your ideas.Reminder- Comment on any September blog entry and qualify to enter the drawing for a free book. Winner announced September 30, 2009.

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