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Fall Pumpkin Decoration

T.P. Pumpkins My mom and some of her friends made these cute pumpkins for a ladies fall retreat and I thought I would show you how to make them. It’s an easy fall decoration that isn’t messy and you can even make these with kids. This project is not quite trash to treasure, since toilet paper isn’t considered trash until it is used. But I thought it was close enough to share with my readers. It’s a perfect way to use up some scraps of fabric too. What you need: Fabric square, at least 18×18 inches. I suggest calico or […]

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Hope for Old Linoleum

Some of my favorite Trash to Treasure ideas are faux finished. And I especially like projects that save huge sums of money or huge chunks of time. Even though this project took some time, it was well worth saving the effort of ripping out a floor, installing a new subfloor, and installing new vinyl. In the end, a faux finish saved both time and money. Cha-ching! I was at my friend’s house Saturday for a home party and I had brought my camera along since I had heard she had some trash to treasure gems. I wasn’t disappointed! This bathroom […]

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What are your dots?

I’ve thought a lot this week about connecting dots. I love helping people see how their creative side, their plain old everyday life stuff, and their faith are all a part of one big picture, instead of a bunch of separate little pictures. I also enjoy how these things intersect in my own life. When I speak for women, I draw from my crafting and decorating hobbies for illustrations of God’s love and provision for us. Often, when I teach on decorating with recycled objects and flea market finds, I also teach people how God can take our trash, our […]

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Unending Ideas for Windows

If I hadn’t already found a ton of great uses for old windows, Kim at Twice Remembered has just given me a zillion more! Okay, well not a zillion, but a lot more than I had before. I never get tired of windows. I wonder if someone can have too many? Nah. Be sure to spend some time looking around Kim’s site. It’s beautiful! Here is one of the ideas Kim links to that comes from Junk Market Style. Photo from Junk Market Style Michelle Trash to Treasure Decorating View the full post at

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