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How Has Cecil Murphey’s Writing Touched Your Life?

Some writers touch more people than they’ll ever know… I’ve been so encouraged by Cec’s teaching and speaking on more than one occasion. He has a dear heart for God, and a passion for writers. So I thought it would be fun to take the time to encourage Cec! If you’re a reader and you’ve read a book by Cecil Murphey, comment below and tell us which book you read and what stands out for you from that book. Or if you’re a writer and you’ve heard Cec speak at a writers conference, read his advice on a blog, or […]

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Guest Blog by Cec Murphey

What to Do When the Lights Go Out by Cec Murphey If you sincerely desire to follow Jesus Christ, life won’t always be easy. Many times the Bible promises victory, and you may need to remind yourself that there can be no victory without struggling and overcoming obstacles. In my book, I used the image of God turning out the lights because that was how I perceived the situation. I felt as if I walked in darkness for 18 months. We all interact differently with God, and my experience won’t be the same as yours. Even so, most serious Christians […]

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New Book from Cec Murphey

Today, I’m featuring a new book by Cecil Murphy. I just received my copy in the mail and I can’t wait to read it! I’ll be giving a copy away in November when I post the review, but in the meantime, you have another opportunity to be entered win a copy and a gift package by commenting on one of the my blog entries from now until October 22. On that day, I’ll send the name of one blog reader to Cec’s publicist and your name will be entered into the drawing. Michelle When God Turned Off the Lights Author […]

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Lantern Turned Lamp

Here are a couple of ideas in one. First, in the foreground you see a lamp that I made from an old lantern. To make it into a lamp, I used one of those kits found at craft stores that are made to clamp onto a basket. Lamp Kit Sample I clamped it onto the metal ring on top of this old lantern instead. The second trash to treasure idea is in the background. I’ve taken a discarded oak cupboard door and painted strips and faux finished it to look like an aged flag. Michelle Trash to Treasure Decorating View […]

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