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Giving Up Our Rights

What does it mean to give up our rights? And what would happen if we lived in such a way that we were conformed to the mindset of Jesus? This week, we consider how our actions could be the only indication that someone else might have of how a follower of Jesus might act and live.

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Reinventing Spiritual Growth Habits in the Midst of the Hustle

In a season where we long for peace and hope, one of the best ways to find it is in time spent with God. But how can we keep up the habits when distractions and busyness interfere? Author Stephenie Hovland gives helpful tips and shares a link to a free downloadable resource!

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Trading Hobbies: Discover a New Appreciation for Your Spouse

Michelle talks with her husband, Phil, about how she tried deer hunting and he tried her hobbies as they discovered more about each other and learned to appreciate their uniqueness. Laugh along as they talk about the debut of their new book for couples.

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