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Exciting News About Life, Repurposed

In this episode, I share an announcement about a new project related to this podcast that is just launched. If  you like to write, you’ll want to learn more! I’m also announcing a new way to connect as a Life, Repurposed community. Yay!

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What You Do Today Matters

Sue Donaldson says, “Surrender every day. We have disappointments, but we surrender over and over.” On this week’s episode, we talked about how she walked through a period of doubt and how God brought her through that in steps that surprised her. We also talked about how taking the next step is where faith comes in.

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Just Enough in Times of Need

When we pause to think about it, having “just enough” is actually an abundance. Scarcity says there isn’t enough, but even with a very little, God can provide even more than we really need when we practice generosity and faith.

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Blue Light Special, Repurposed Hope

From blue light specials to garage sales, I’ve enjoyed making the most of living on a budget! Sometimes, life’s challenges have hidden fun and joy. There is no second best when we embrace our present circumstances as part of the adventure!

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