Blessings…What Does that Really Mean?

How do you sign your e-mails or your letters to people?

I sign many greetings with “Love, Michelle.” That’s because much of what I write is to family and close friends. Business correspondence, I sign with “Regards,” or “Sincerely.” But what about the in-between communication?

Sometimes “love” is too familiar, but “regards” is too stuffy. Then what? Warmly? Maybe. Best? That could work. 

Often, I sign my greetings with “Blessings.” What does that mean? Do I use it too flippantly, without giving it enough thought? I hope not. To me, it says:

  • An abundance of peace to you.
  • May God bless you with his favor.
  • I pray God protects you from harm.
  • I wish you much happiness.
  • I care about you.
  • I hope good things come your way.
Our world is so full of negative words. We hear self-serving words, cutting words, and harsh words on a daily basis. It’s on television. It’s in the checkout lane. It’s around us in conversations we overhear. And it’s even in our own written communication and conversations. 
In a world of negative, I want to speak something positive. Lord, help me not to take my words lightly. Let my words be full of meaning that would genuinely bless others, and not empty words I toss on a page or in the air. 
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