Beyond Multi-tasking to Mega-tasking

Have you ever had a day where you were doing more than multi-tasking? Lately, my days go something like this:

Exercise at 5:45am-
thinking about the day while marching, sidestepping, and waving some weights in the air.
Quiet time at 6:30 until family comes in for family devotions at 6:50.
Breakfast-reading the paper or yesterday’s junk mail while eating, then off to the shower.
Morning routine: Sit in office chair to check e-mails, listen to the morning news while reading messages. Jot notes on to-do list with left hand and clicking mouse with right hand. Jog across the hall to blow-dry hair. Note that the toilet paper is almost gone, and run downstairs for a pack. Notice the laundry on the pile while downstairs and throw a load in. Grab a diet soda on the way up. Note the crumbs on the counter as I swing through the kitchen and stop to wipe surface, toilet paper under arm. Deliver toilet paper to bathroom and swipe a little eye make-up on. Back to office chair for some writing. Remember the wood stove needed filling and pause to load it up. Back to office chair. Remember that hamburger needs to be thawed for supper and run down to basement freezer to get it. Note that the washer is done and toss a load into the dryer on the way back. Forget frozen hamburger on top of the dryer and run back down to get it. Back to office chair…

I’ll spare you the details of the rest of the day. You get how it goes. Most of us know how to mega-task not just multi-task!

What are you mega-tasking today? Click on the TITLE of this post to link to the full blog to leave your comments about your crazy life.

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  1. So, very true!! Women are the queens of multi-tasking…that’s why we get so frustrated with our men who can’t. Instead they focus and put us to shame doing their one thing really well.

    Today I was mega-tasking: exercise, puzzle time with the three year old, blogging, email, two writing pieces for prospective jobs, talking a teen girl off the boyfriend ledge, finishing reading a book and listening to a devotion online….about having a more effective prayer life. Which I will need if I am to get through these days :).

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