Beyond Expectations

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you expected God to teach you something or show you something new, but you didn’t know how far beyond your expectations he would go? That’s how I’m feeling right now as I type from a hotel room in the middle of Iowa. In this little crowd of writers, I see God working in big ways in the lives of people who needed his touch. But that isn’t all.
He’s working in me too. Amid the conference business, I’ve found moments where he spoke directly to my heart. Sometimes through a fellow faculty member’s teaching. Sometimes in the moments with a conferee when I see how detailed he is with his plan. Sometimes in a whisper that says, “Trust me, Michelle. I know what I’m doing.”

What are you expecting God to do? Have you limited Him with your own expectations? Imagine how it would be if he worked in such a mighty way that he went beyond your expectations. He does it every day. And he can do that for you if you line up your expectations with his.

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