Back to School- Friend Friday

I’ts been a while since we had a Friend Friday. It’s back to school time and kids are making new friends, so let’s make some new friends of our own. Some of you are off camping and enjoying the last weekend of summer. Others are enjoying a break from work. If you have some play time on the computer, why not leave a link to your blog using the Simply Linked tool below and show us your latest favorite post?

My specific requests are simple. Just one, actually. Be sure to link directly to a post, not to the home page of your blog. That means you need to open a post and copy the URL from the top of your browser page. I have to remove links that go only to your home page and not to a specific post because we can’t figure out what you were trying to show us.
If you decide to create a link to my blog from your page, that’s great, but I don’t require it.
Happy Labor Day! Enjoy those late-summer garage sales and I hope you find some trash you can turn to treasure.

Trash to Treasure Decorating
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