Antique Chandelier – What Would You Do?

Weeks ago when I stopped at the antique shop/ junk store, I took pictures of these old chandeliers. Aren’t these cool?

What would you do if you found a deal on such a thing at a thrift sale? Or what if you have one in your garage? Do you have plans for it?

This week on What Would You Do, I’m looking for your ideas. Think about the possiblities. What if the wiring was good? How would you use it? Tell us how you would paint it, where you’d put it and how it would add charm to your decor. 

What if you discovered that it was broken? Would you have it re-wired, or do you have some crazy fabulous idea for how you would repurpose the chandelier?

You have 350 characters and spaces to post your idea. Be sure to give yourself credit so we can all check out your blog too, even if your link has nothing to do with the specific idea!

What Would You Do With This #9

Update: 4-15-2010
Congrats to Jill from Live to Read to Live for yet another GREAT idea for WWYD! 


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  1. i would paint it add tea cup and saucers to hold the candles and add a little decorative painting ,,ribbon,,and crystals

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