Am I Unusual? Insane? Criminal?

It’s Friday, so that means its link-up day. But before we get to the Follow Friday Blog Hop, I have to ask this question: Is there something wrong with me?

Here’s why I wonder. I love to see inside homes as I drive by at night. Especially if they are big stately riverside homes with stained glass windows and winding staircases. There is something so cozy about seeing a home all lit up and cozy looking versus one with all of the shades drawn.

Now, just be sure you understand, I’m not a creeper. I don’t sit outside of people’s homes and stare in. But I love to observe as I drive by. My husband is going to have a heyday with this post since once of our biggest arguments is whether or not we should close the blinds in the living room at night. I say open. He says shut because people will look in. I’ve tried to convince him that no one looks in. Ahem. Except people like me.

So, when I recently finished my office paint job, guess what I did? Promise you won’t think I’m insane, okay? I went outside to see how cozy my office looked from outside.
Am I the only one who finds it cozy and comforting to glance in windows as I drive by? C’mon. It’s time to fess up.

Now that we’ve talked about glimpses in windows, how about giving us a glimpse into your blog by posting a link to your latest project, recipe, or hot topic.

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  1. I'll fess up, I do it too. And yes, my family makes fun of me. In my neighbourhood the houses are very similar and I like to see the creative ways people have dealt with a small kitchen/diningroom. Some have completely removed walls and moved cupboards to the other end of the kitchen.

  2. yes…you are a big criminal. In fact, the Mounties have been called, so either pack up your getaway bag or wait patiently for them.

    I think anyone who is interested in design and style looks in windows. I think there is a difference between curious and noisy. One is done out of the desire to learn or discover and the other is done for questionable reasons.
    From what you have read about yourself, you are a curious person who loves to learn and grow. I wish we were neighbors.
    Love your site, I always read what you have posted. Need you to come to Maine to give me a good boot to the backside to begin my own creative creations and to start selling.

  3. Hi Michelle!
    What a cute topic… Nope, you're not insane,unusual or criminal. Nor are you a creeper! I confess, I love to look inside ( not for long periods) other peoples windows at night. In New England there are many historic and antique homes that line narrow two lane roads. At night they are simply charming to look at and admire…At Christmas especially when many New Englanders follow the tradition of placing one candle on the windowsil of all the windows in the home. It's lovely I tell you! One can't help but look!!!
    I'll link up with a traditional New England recipe for fall that I prepared for my family last weekend!
    Maple Apple CRANBERRY Crisp! It's organic too!

  4. I look on porchs and in gardens (in daylight)and windows in the evenings. For some reason during the day I don't look as often. Maybe I want to see how people are really living in their homes. When I lived in a Chicago suburb and these gigantic houses were going up with major several story windows I used to feel they owed those of us driving by on the way to our minimum wage jobs a look inside to see how other people lived.

  5. In the evenings my BF and I drive around neighborhoods we wished we lived in and most all have their window shades open and lights on. This is mostly done in the "rich" neighborhoods for homeowners to show off their homes to nosey neighbors. Haha! I love seeing grand chandeliers, spiral staircases and filled to the brim china cabinets.

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