A Day to Reminisce

I found it fitting that the Merriam Webster word of the day today is reminisce. Today we celebrated the birthdays of both of my sons. Born two years apart, they share the same birthday and they turned 16 and 18 today. As if sharing the date wasn’t alike enough, they were born within thirteen minutes of each other. 

The other day, they got out some home videos of when they were really little. It was fun to watch them play together, sing for the camera, and talk about what they would be when they grew up. As I reminisce, it’s hard to believe one of them is officially an adult now and the other is days away from trying for his driver’s license. Suddenly, “when they grow up” isn’t some day in the distant future. It’s upon us. 
Today, as I remember from a mother’s perspective, I also delight in their sense of humor. From their gifts to each other to the crazy way they chose to decorate their cake with things found in the kitchen drawer, they make me laugh. In honor of their special day, I’m sharing the laughter with you. Here’s a picture of their Dairy Queen mini cake. It came with the cookie dough pieces on top, which reminded them of rocks. So, they added the hunters, the deer, and the crazy little cow climbing up the side. 
The ugly, half melted candles are a family tradition. Every year, they dig through the drawer to try to make the numbers of their year. This time, plain candles had to stand in for the number one. 
It looks as if the hunter already took off one antler of the deer. But this was oh so much more fun than a plain old decorated cake.
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  1. Love the fun cake. Hope they had a great birthday. How neat that they share a birthday. Three of my daughters have birthdays one week apart so September is a busy month for us too.

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