A Creative Way to Hide Kitchen Clutter

I have a vintage table in my kitchen that is too small for our family to use for dining, but it’s perfect for extra work space. I know it doesn’t look vintage, but it’s part of a set that belonged to my great grandmother, so it’s been around for a little while.

I’ve considered replacing it with a stainless steel utility card with storage underneath, since I need a place to stash the punch bowl and a few things I don’t use to often. But, I realized that a utility cart wouldn’t help reduce the cluttery look. And I like my table, anyway.

So, I put the stuff that I store under the table on a little cart (which is really a board that my kids put casters on for something else and they no longer needed). And then I worked on hiding the stuff.

The table makes a nice coffee brewing station. 

I knew I couldn’t block the baseboard heat, but wanted to hide the stuff. So I picked up two spring-loaded curtain rods and some fabric. I was thrilled to get it for half off.

 I sewed a rod pocket at the top and used the full width of the fabric so I could use the salvage edges on the sides and didn’t have to hem those. On the side of the table, the spring loaded rode fits between the table legs.

 I didn’t think too carefully about lining up the plaid on both sides. I wanted to save fabric, but now, considering how it would only have been a few inches of lost fabric…it may have been wise. Oh well!

The curtain on the longest side is split in the middle for easy access to the stuff.

I love it! No one has to see my clutter, and the whole thing took me less than 2 hours.Total cost: around $10 for curtain rods and $16 for fabric. I only covered the two sides that are visible to the room.

How do you hide clutter in the kitchen? 


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