A Brand New Friend Friday!

It’s a Friday hodgepodge! Hmm…writing that made me think of ModPodge, which makes me feel a little bit crafty. However, I really have to work on getting my tax stuff organized because I have my appointment next week. So I’ll leave the glue, and paper and scissors hidden away. Sigh.
I wanted to showcase a couple of things, so I thought a hodgepodge was in order. Ooo…and I did a little reorganizing and redecorating on the blog this week. Hope you like it. I’ll be creating a new custom header sometime in the future, too.

Follow Friday Friends

I haven’t had a link party on a Friday in a long time. I’ve found that sometimes my page loads slower because of the linky tool. And now I just discovered that Linky Tools, which I’ve used for hosting my Follow Friday link parties in the past will soon begin charging. It won’t be more than $24 per year right now, but I can’t afford to pay for another service. So, I’m starting something new.

Friday will be Friend Friday where you can link your blog in the comments. That means you can paste in a hyperlink to your favorite blog post or most recent project right in your comments and I’ll let you “spam” me and brag on your blog! Of course comments will be moderated yet so that real spam doesn’t get through. (See my sample comments below)

And on Friend Friday, I’ll share blather on about a few of my favorite things from the week, or special offers that might interest my blog friends.

No other rules. No obligation to link back to me. However if you do want to share a link on your blog about my blog, that’s cool! And if you don’t mind, when I stop by your blog, I’ll include a link in my comments.

Recycling Idea
I had this simple little idea yesterday that isn’t so much decorative as it is functional, but I had to share! We have a pellet stove in our living room and it seems like when the box of matches starts to get beat up, they start spilling everywhere. And it looks ugly. So, I decided to put the matches in a jar. But since they are strike on box, I knew I needed those little strips from the side of the box. So I cut them off, and stuck them to the olive jar with double sided tape. Now isn’t that a clever way to recycle an olive jar?

Money Earning Opportunity
I’ve mentioned it before, but if you haven’t tried Swagbucks, you might want to check it out. I earned $25 in Amazon gift cards this month without investing a heap of time in it. I use their search engine, do my shopping through some of their sponsors, and take advantage of some of their special offers.

For example, last week, I bought a $20 Amazon gift card from one of their sponsors for $10. This week, I bought a Groupon for Bath and Body Works for $30 worth of product for $15 (You can give groupons as gifts too!). With each of those offers, I earned 280 Swagbucks which combined to enough for a $5 Amazon gift card.

My husband and teens like the games and TV features, which also earn bucks. And I’ve been printing and using coupons from their site and I’ve received 10 bucks for every coupon I’ve used at the store.

So many ways to earn! If you decide to sign up, click on any of the colored words in this paragraph or the banner below, and you’ll go straight to Swagbucks. Then, be sure to install the toolbar to your internet browser for maximum earning.
Search & Win

Trash to Treasure Decorating
View the full post at http://www.trashtotreasuredecorating.com

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  1. Here is a second example of how you can create a link to your site when you comment. I can type text in the box here and tell you about the site I'm linking to, and then in the dropdown menu for "Comment As" I can select Name/URL. In the box for URL I can post a link to a blog post.

    Now, my Name becomes a link to a blog.

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