A Book Review for Diva’s

Are You a Diva?
I received a complimentary copy of a brand new Bible study for my review, and in this book, you’ll discover a new, more positive application of the word Diva. If you’re looking for fresh group study material, here’s something new to consider.

In Divas of the Divine, life coaches Donna Mc Crary and Sherri Holbert help readers experience true success in their spiritual life and in personal relationships via and 8- week Bible study. Subtitled How to Live as a Desinger Original in a Knock-Off World, the book uses a fun theme to teach.

The book uses DIVA as an acrostic for the sections of each daily Bible study: D=Devoted (daily scripture reading). I=Individual (applying learning to one’s own life). V- Via Prayer (daily prayer). A= Accountable (accountable to a small group and an accountability partner). There are 5 daily assignments per week and the authors say it should take 30-40 minutes per day to complete the homework.

The study uses Jewel Nights (Bible study) to bring members of the group together for a weekly discussion of the material. There is a downloadable leaders guide available for this. The authors also suggest SPA (spiritually pampering activity) days as a quarterly event to bring women together to celebrate their progress. A Diva’s journal is available for purchase for some of the suggested assignments.

I liked the scripture references printed out in the sidebar and in the body of the text in many places. Not that a reader would study without a Bible, but it makes it easier to refer back in group discussion and in study. The book includes stories from the authors’ own lives as illustration and practical examples for applying content to real life.

The worksheets in the study are interactive and engaging. However, I think the book could have used more fill in the blank study and more room for the participant to write and interact with the material. (Although, I have and advance reader copy and this may be different in the published study). Some sections have pages of text that might be more effective if divided up a bit.

All in all, I think this will be a good tool for anyone seeking spiritual transformation and a bond with a group of women. I’m going through a Beth Moore study right now, which makes it terribly difficult to measure another study book against the depth and quality of that material. Groups looking for something in between a Bible study and a life-coach will find this to be a perfect solution. 

Since I haven’t studied the material in a group setting, it’s difficult to give it a full review. I think the group is the main part of the experience!

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