A Billion Reasons Why- Book Review

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…a sweet love story. Ever think you have life all figured out, but you can’t quite put something from the past to rest? In “A Billion Reasons Why,” Katie McKenna thinks she has put Luc DeForges behind her, and she’s ready to get engaged to Dexter. But, when he shows up again, she isn’t quite so sure. It’s obvious that Dexter is stable and they want the same things, but Katie wonders if there might be some emotional connection missing.

Katie’s decision will resonate with any reader who’s faced a decision between common sense and a heart connection. Both men in the story are solid and neither would weaken Katie’s faith. But she struggles with trading her dream and some of her artsy side in order to be the wife that Dexter wants. She knows he’s a solid Christian but she’s stifled some of herself in order to be who he wants her to be.

On the other hand, what might happen if Katie goes back to her past in order to rekindle a dream from her past? Will she lose her last chance at true love? So many women today will be able to relate to Katie’s feelings.

I enjoyed the book and it was a fun read. I did find it a little bit predictable through most of the book, but that was okay since it’s well written and engaging. There were a couple of twists at the very end that satisfied my desire for surprise.

This is the first book I’ve read by Kristin Billerbeck, and I know I’ll be looking for more in the future. I like how multilayered the characters are. It’s a sweet love story, but the characters make it worth reading.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Thomas Nelson Publishers for review purposes as part of their Book Sneeze program. I was not compensated in any other way for my fair and honest review.

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