3 Ways I Make Time for Creativity

Yesterday, I was at the hobby store and I bought several clearance paint brushes and a zipper. Not too exciting, but both represent a creative activity that I love. I enjoy painting and sewing, but I often don’t get time to do it. 

If you long to do something creative, but you think you don’t have time, maybe you need to rethink that. Here’s how I make time, despite my crazy schedule.

1. Attend a retreat. I attend 3 retreats each year where I scrapbook or sew for the entire weekend. When I know that retreat is coming, I can hardly wait. It means I’m guaranteed some creative time.

2. Schedule specific time for your favorite creative hobby. Once a year, my husband and sons go away on a fishing trip. I’ve made it my tradition to do my creative hobbies while they are away and I use the whole week for it! I spread out the supplies on the dining table, pop a chick flick or mini-series in the DVD player, and I break only for meals.

3. Ask a friend to come create with you. I find that if I plan to scrapbook on a Saturday, I’ll often get caught up in something else, even if that something else is sitting around watching TV half the day. But if I invite a friend to come over and work on her projects, I’ll stick with my plan to enjoy a day of creativity.

No matter how busy your schedule, you can make time for creativity. Often, we can find pockets of time that we’d normally waste and turn those into times of creative rejuvenation.

How about you? Do you write, sew, draw, paint, or make 3-D art? When was the last time you schedule a day for it?I think it’s time for me to schedule a sewing day.

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