168 Hours…So Little Devoted to God

I just completed a 168-hour log of every minute of my day. That’s seven days of logging my time. After I finished the assessment, I had to write a summary and analysis and sadly, last week, only 4.75 hours of my week were devoted to studying God’s word and worshipping. Granted it was a busy week and 4 days of it were away from home, but it’s still sad.

I wasted plenty of time on nothing, spent enough time on the Internet to add up to a factory shift, and spent one fifth of the week looking at the backs of my eyelids. But in the end, God had only 2.8 percent of my week. Sure, I snuck some God-moments in my multitasking. I heard sermons in the car, songs on the radio, and studied the Bible during part of my homework, but I didn’t listen quietly to His voice. In fact, only one percent of my time was really spent in uninterrupted time with the One whom I claim as Lord of my life.

168 hours….what will I do with it this week?

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  1. Yikes, I'm scared to think about what my week looks like…this would be a good lesson for the kids at youth group too! If they're willing to take the challenge.

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