Lamp Needs a Makeover – What Would You Do?

Normally, I feature What Would You Do with This? questions on Wednesdays. But this time, it’s a friend emergency. My friend’s thoughtful mother-in-law got her a lamp to replace one that she has been wanting to change out. I really do mean thoughtful, and not sarcastically. Her MIL found it at a thrift sale. I […]

Repurposed: Decanter Turned Flower Jar

A long time ago on What Would You Do Wednesday, I asked what you would do with the decanter jar I have. See the original post I really wanted to get a Beta fish, but then wasn’t sure if I could remember to feed it. But, wouldn’t that have been cool on my dining table?The […]

WWYD Wednesday- Door Knob

I have this door knob that I believe is porcelain, but it looks like marble or stone. I want to use it for something decorative. So, I thought it would be the perfect idea to put to my readers for What Would You Do Wednesday. I thought I had a good photo, but when I […]

WWYD Wednesday – Wood Finials

I picked up these two finials at a yard sale. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them just yet, but I know someone out there will have an idea for WWYD Wednesday. They normally would screw into the end of a wooded drapery rod, but I’m looking for something less traditional. They are made […]