Transformation Tuesday – Desk Accessories Complete Makeover

When I did my desk makeover, I needed something for the wall. In my trash to treasure stash, I had some vintage windows that I had made into chalkboards. I decided one of those would be just the thing. So this blah space…
…became this.

 I accessorized the desk with some things I had around the house.

 This upcycled pencil container was a door prize from a recent speaking engagement. They had flowers in it when the coordinators graciously sent it home with me. I have repurposed the upcycled can. Grin.

 Next to be fixed up is that lamp shade. I got it at a yard sale with the lamp, and it badly needs help. 

 This is so much more attractive than what I used to have in the living room for a work area. Sort of blends in with the furniture now. I have owned the vintage chair for many years, and I love how it fits with the rest of the vignette. 


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Transformation Tuesday: Paneled Bedroom Makeover

I’ve been busy with a lot of transformation projects lately, and it’s time to share some with my readers. The biggest fall project has been transforming my son’s bedroom into a new master bedroom on a shoestring budget. Our son left for college several years ago and seldom is home, so he took a smaller room, and we moved into his old room, which was considerably larger than our 11 foot by 11 foot room. 
The room had one big problem. It was paneled on all surfaces, including the ceiling. We considered drywalling, but didn’t really want to spend very much right now. We had already replaced the windows a few years ago, and the carpet as well. So, what I really needed was to figure out what to do with that paneling. I decided to just paint it, figuring that if we every have more money down the road, we could go the drywall route. 
I primed everything with a good BIN 123 stain-blocking primer. I will talk about paint techniques in a future blog post, but for now, it’s important to know that I gave the walls two coats of primer and two coats of paint.
Here is the room before, in its limbo state after my son moved out. It was sort of a guest room, but not an inviting one.

 Gotta love that paneling, huh? Yikes! It isn’t the only room that came this way with my house.

So, ready for the big reveal? I chose a retro color and went with an eclectic vintage look.

 I have a quilt started (who knows when I will finish it) that will coordinate with the room color. For now, I had to use the old, not-so-matchy one.

 I created a little reading corner with wicker furniture I found at a yard sale.

 Someday, maybe I will do something to this dresser. I bought the set years ago as kit furniture that we assembled. The pine is dated, but I can’t bring myself to paint it.

The old French door hung sideways by the hinges is a repurposed project I did a while back. I panted chalkboard paint over the glass on the bottom and put paper behind the glass on the top.

 I bought some cheap nightstands off Amazon to have something with storage. They were lighter in color than I expected, but I can live with them for now. The totally ugly light switch that came with the room is going to go as soon as I get to the hardware store. And, unfortunately the ugly thermostat stays.

I love that we have enough space for two reading chairs! 
I kept the original wooden blinds for the sake of budget and just added some cheap white sheers. The entire transformation with paint, new trim, and a new ceiling fan was right around $200. Not too bad. 

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Transformation Tuesday: Lamp Makeover

Remember the What Would You Do Wednesday question a while back about the hanging lamp? I finally got around to doing something with it.

My friend wanted help giving it a makeover, but the stipulation was that it had to stay a lamp. There were very good reasons for why she wanted to honor her mother-in-law for thinking of her in picking it up at a yard sale for her, but she also wanted to make it into something she liked. My job was to come up with something that would make her fall in love with it.

I tried stripping the paint to see what was under it, but it did nothing but create some rust. Maybe the solution was too old, as it was in my basement for years. Either way, I washed it off and decided to paint it in a oil rubbed bronze (ORB) finish. I had some ORB spray paint, but not enough, so I coated it in Rustoleum black. Then I gave it a spritz of copper paint all over, and finally a thin coat of the ORB. This stretched my on-hand materials farther. 

I stuffed some paper in the light sockets to keep paint out of them. Then, I poked some office supply fastener clips into a cardboard box and painted them with the spray pain too. 

Now, for what I planned to do with these supplies.I printed some 4×6 photos onto laser transparency film. It’s just from the office supply store. I have a color laser printer, and knowing that the laser film can withstand the head of laser printing, I thought it would be perfect. I trimmed the photos down to 3×6 because this would fit over each opening in the lamp. The lamp has holes in the metal on surrounding the opening, so I got the idea to punch holes in the printed pictures and then fasten them to the lamp with the office fasteners (you know, the kind with the little metal wings you bend outward on the back). 

 I hung up the lamp and turned it on for a while to test it and see that the projector film doesn’t get too hot. No problem. All of the heat of the lamp goes out the top. 

 Here is a back side view of the fastener clips.

 Here is a close-up of how the fastener clips look on the outside. 

 It kind of has a neat effect of projecting the pictures onto the wall. 

 I chose pictures I knew would be special to my friend. Her soldier son, her first grandchild, the other children, her husband, and both of their mothers. 

Thing is, the lamp still isn’t outstanding. There’s only so much one can do. But my friend choked up when she saw it, and said she loves it. I think it’s because it has all of the people she loves on it. The best part is that the photos can be changed out easily down the road. Or removed completely. 


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Upcycled Vintage Shutter – Seasonal Display Center

It’s Transformation Tuesday and I’ve had this shutter that I picked up at the Apron Chick’s Sale back in the spring. I hung it up on the wall as it was, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Some of you gave me some fantastic ideas on What Would You Do (WWYD) Wednesday a while back. Someone suggested a memo center and someone else suggested a photo display.

I tried out the photo idea first. I did sort of a fast version by printing some photos on my color laser printer to see if I liked it. My photos weren’t quite the right size, but I liked the concept.

 For the clips, I just attached some scrapbook paper to office clips using 2-sided tape.

But then, Christmas came and I got to thinking how I’d like to decorate that shutter for Christmas since it’s right in the middle of my living room. I had some metal Christmas trees that I had picked up at a yard sale. They had the letters on them, but they weren’t very readable, so I went over them with white. Then, I borrowed a couple of ornaments from my stash.


I still need to do some adjusting, but this is my draft of the Christmas decoration. I’m thinking I’ll try to come up with something seasonal to do on this after Christmas. Like maybe a snowman display. I could save a few snowman ornaments from the tree when I take it down in January and maybe come up with a different saying.

The berry garland was a yard sale find too. I doubt I’ll keep it there forever, but it gave me a great place to hang the metal trees. 

It isn’t a dramatic transformation, but I thought I’d share my progress. I’m always looking for additional ideas, so feel free to share.


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Transformation Tuesday – Pallet Benches Part 2

I finally had some dry days to get the deck re-stained and the new benches coated for the first time. I love how it turned out! In case you missed the first post, the benches are made from pallets and my only investment was in the bench pads from Walmart (only $20 online, and much more in the store). The pads were exactly the width of the pallets, and just the right depth for the way the seats worked out with the pallets. 
I originally purchased pads for the back rest too, but then changed my mind when I decided it was just as comfortable without them. So I returned them and got a big pillow which will make a great arm rest, or napping spot.
Here’s a shot of what they look like from the back. Again, I’m sorry that this project just doesn’t lend itself to a tutorial. Pallets are so different depending on where you get them, which means you have to design as you go.
We cut the pallets up and made one into the bench part and another into an upright (with just a little bit of an angle on the backrest). Then, we used additional pieces as supports to screw everything together.
 We stacked two pieces of pallet on top of each other to make them taller.
Here’s a view from the yard. The rest of the deck is pretty low to the ground, but this corner was higher. So, the benches take the place of needing a railing.
 We added a little table in the corner where the two benches meet. Great place to set a book and a cup of coffee.
My husband added an extra pole for the patio umbrella on the side of the deck. I can have it over the seating, or attach the umbrella to the pole on the table on the deck. It’s nice to move the shade around as needed.
These chairs also live on the deck. I bought them two years ago.
 And when I need to cover the pads for rain, I can fold the bench pads and put them under these rain covers from the other chairs. It makes for nice storage for my fabric pieces.
 Now, doesn’t that beckon you to sit and relax? I’m so happy with the transformation. Total cost: $55 for the two cushions and the pillow.
It’s my birthday present from my husband. 🙂

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Easy Office Storage – Transformation Tuesday

Today’s transformation isn’t much of a transformation, but I want to show you anyway. Last week, I showed you my closet door improvised desk. This week, I got to thinking how cluttered my desk is, despite my organizing. I wanted to do something about all the little stuff on top.
See what I mean?
I remembered that I had these plastic drawer bins from another project that didn’t work out quite they way I had hoped. So, I decided to see if I could attach them somehow under the desk.
 By the way, these have decorative scrapbook paper in the fronts so that they look pretty. Plus, I had already spray painted them with plastic spray paint for the other project. They came in white when I bought them.
I removed the plastic drawers and screwed the plastic to the underside of my desk. I recommend using a screw and a washer to make the plastic hold up under pressure (the washer absorbs some strain on the screw).
 I put a couple of screws in each.
And then I filled it with my clutter.
Better! Um, except for the trash can that is so prominent in the picture. Sorry. Guess that’s keepin’ it real. Thank goodness I didn’t zoom enough for you to see the dust bunnies!

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Transformation Tuesday: Vanity Table Rescue

I love stories of when someone finds something in the trash and saves it. Those jaw-dropping transformations that most people wouldn’t believe possible. That’s the heart of Transformation Tuesday!
Aubre Rice from The Rice’s World sent me reader mail to show me two items she rescued from the trash and revamped.
First, she took a pretty beat up vanity that looked like this: 
 And turned it into this:
The poor thing had just one knob when she rescued it. Looks like Aubre took care of that!
And then she rescued this chunk of weathered wood that most people would toss in the firewood pile (by the way, it’s bigger than it looks here):
And turned it into this:
Indeed, that transformation reminds us that anything is truly possible. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration Aubre. 
Know what I love even more? Aubre did this all for a friend who is redecorating on a tight budget. Sweet. Be sure to stop by The Rice’s World to see more about these projects.

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Transformation Tuesday…One More: Amazing Mosaiac Shutters

Our final Transformation Tuesday Friday feature comes all the way from a reader in Cyprus. I had to look that up on a map to see where it was. Geography isn’t my strong point. But I do remember reading stories of Paul the Apostle in Cyprus, so that got me curious. It’s a little island in the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey.
Curious now too? It’s directly below the K in Turkey on the map below.
 Reader Amber Zacharia says a lot of old stuff gets tossed out where she lives, so she “came up with an idea for old cupboard doors.  A bit of paint, broken tiles, and broken mirrors” and she created these amazing fake window shutters.

I love this! Thank you for sharing Amber!

Have a project to share? Just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll feature you on a Transformation Tuesday sometime soon.


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Transformation Tuesday…Continued: Repurposed Farm Pantry

I’ve featured projects from Deborah Jean’s Dandelion House before, and she just doesn’t disappoint with inspiration! A little while ago, I got some reader mail from Deb and I can’t wait to show you. She reorganized her kitchen pantry in a big way with repurposing. 
Without further ado…more Transformation Tuesday fun–on Wednesday!
Isn’t that fabulous?! I love the red! You’ll have to check out the blog for Deb’s complete makeover, including the chalk labels on vintage jars, the wire baskets, the terrific cabinet makeover and more.
I love that Deb reclaimed the cabinet from the living room and turned it into this. Do you have an armoire or TV cabinet sitting around that you could use for something similar?

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Transformation Tuesday – Decoupage Metal Tray

I’ve abandoned my  poor readers too often lately! Travel and to-Do list have made me set aside the blog for a few weeks. Again. But I’m ready to get back in groove and chat with my reader friends again.
It’s been forever since we had a Transformation Tuesday post, so this week, I’ll be featuring a couple of posts in a row featuring projects from reader mail.
This Transformation Tuesday project comes from Linn at The Home Project. Sometimes, the simplest transformations are the best! She took this sort of tacky tray (my apologies to the state of New Mexico and the manufacturer of this souvenir platter if I have offended you).
Linn took this metal tray from drab to fab and she has the complete tutorial on her blog.
Isn’t that pretty? Who knew it could be so awesome! Well, Linn did, obviously.
She says, “I wanted to share a smaller, more manageable project that anybody can do, even if you don’t have a lot of tools or supplies: transforming a metal tray with decoupage.

“I picked up this old metal tray at a thrift shop for $1.50 and bought some pretty paper at the craft store with matching paint for the sides. After doing just a little painting, cutting and gluing I have a brand new tray to use for organizing or carrying things!

I love small and doable projects like this that don’t take too long and that give instant satisfaction!”

I think I have some old serving trays around here somewhere that could use this transformation!
Thanks for the inspiration Linn.

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