Pinterest Project Day 3: Sugar or Salt Dispenser

People come up with the coolest stuff and post it on their blogs. Most people might look at this next project and wonder if there really is a point. But for artsy  people like me, I appreciate the value of a cool container. My salt container is working just fine as it is from the grocery […]

The House that Cleans Itself

Spring Cleaning Help Does your house clean itself? Mine doesn’t. I hate cleaning house. Well, it isn’t that I really hate the actual cleaning part, but I hate that it gets dirty again so quickly. For example, recently I spent a good part of a day cleaning, doing laundry, and baking. Then my two boys […]

Do You Have a Clutter Problem?

Breaking the Clutter Habit If you had thirty minutes notice for unexpected company, how ready would your home be?  Would you have to conceal an embarrassing amount of clutter? I’m familiar with the mad clutter dash. I sweep the papers from the dining table into a laundry basket and stash it in any of four […]