Spark: A Book Reivew

Have you ever participated in a 12-week group with the intent to change in some way? Perhaps it was a Bible study, or a new program. Have you ever noticed how few people really change by the end of such a program? The intent is there, but the change never happens. In his book titled […]

Muppet Movie Celebration – Fun Everyday Ideas

Tomorrow, the latest Muppet Movie hits theaters and our family has always liked the Muppets. I was born the year Sesame Street started, and I grew up watching that and the Muppet Show. I can’t wait to see the new movie! I couldn’t resist sharing this practical and fun idea for a muppet party.  Aren’t […]

Practical Advice on How to Clean Your Stove Top

It’s everyday Tuesday and I’d like to share a quick cleaning tip with you. If you’ve never taken  your stove top apart and cleaned it, I think it’s about time! Many people don’t realize that you can pull apart your traditional stove without damaging anything. I just finished canning the last load of tomatoes for […]

Celebrate the Little Things – It Brings Great Happiness

Sometimes, little things make me immensely happy. The other day, when I was freezing corn from the garden, I started cutting the kernels off the cobs with a big knife, but then I remembered a tool I had found at a yard sale earlier in the summer. I found a corn cob cutter slicer stripper […]