Has Your Family Caught One of These Viruses?

I shivered as we approached the automatic doors thinking, this is last place I want to be on a subzero night. I strode over to the check-in desk with my teenager in tow. “May I see your insurance card?” the receptionist asked. While she entered information into the computer, I gazed over the brimming waiting […]

Inspiration Monday

We had the privilege of attending the Wisconsin Music Association Honors Band concert this past week. Our son Dallas was a member of the band and it was such a great experience for him and for all of us. For the Monday inspirational photo, I’m featuring a picture from inside the Overture Center in Madison, […]

Labor Day Blues

I’m catching up on e-mail, facebook, and blog posts from the weekend, and there’s such variety in the way we spent our weekend. So many labored on Labor Day while others rested. Some lamented the last days before school begins and still others camped, boated, grilled out, and celebrated family and friends. Despite the holiday, […]

A SWEET AROMA Yesterday, the farmer who owns the field across from my house mowed his hay. As I sat at my desk, the smell of fresh mowed hay wafted into my office from the open window, and immediately childhood memories flashed into my mind. Growing up on a farm, I recall many summers of […]